Thursday, March 22, 2012

Awesome Gimp Script - Copy Layer Mask From Above

The wonderful thing about open-source software is that anyone can modify their version of the program at their own free will.  What's even better, is that the open source community loves to share how they customize their own version of their program to fit their needs, giving you the ability to duplicate their customizations.

In a recent conversation on the GimpChat forum, we talked about how to duplicate a layer mask using Gimp and in the process uncovered a fantastic script that copies the above layer and turns it into a layer mask.
I went ahead and put the file together for download here.
This script came in with great timing, because I've stumbled on a very fascinating find that will help everyone isolate foreground images from background images in a new way.  I hope to have a tutorial written up on this soon.  Until then, I recommend that you brush up on your understanding of layer masks using gimp, you'll want to know about them when I post this tutorial.

PS: I use this script in this gimp video tutorial.

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  1. For any Linux users that need assistance installing the script you can use the following URL:

    Since the file provided is in .scm format you'll need to copy the file to the GIMP 'scripts' directory instead of 'plug-ins'. I'm running Ubuntu 11.10 and my 'scripts' directory is located in $HOME/.gimp-2.6/scripts. I also executed the command "sudo chmod +x ~/.gimp-2.6/scripts/sg-copy-mask-from-above.scm" as suggested but I'm not sure if it's necessary.

    Hope this helps any Linux users.


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