Gimp for Photographers

There are two major things all Photographers who are interested in learning how to use gimp should know about.

1.) Raw Shooting Cameras

Shooting photos in Raw is a valuable asset to any photographer.  The extra control from shooting in raw will give you more photo-editing power than you've ever had.  The price of a Raw-shooting camera is always dropping, and you can actually get one for about the same price as a non-raw shooting camera if you look for it.  If you're looking for some good cameras that shoot in raw, I have created a list of recommended Raw-shooting cameras for the Gimp user.

Or - if you are looking for more information, check out this blog post: The Benefits of Shooting in Raw. 

2.) Gimp For Photographers Book

I use GIMP extensively, but most people never get very good at photo editing because they don't understand exactly how the tools work.  As a photographer, it's crucial to have a good understanding of the tools at your disposal.  Using a combination of my tutorials with this book, you can learn how to use gimp to truly become a professional because you will understand how the tools work, and my tutorials will give you some great example of ways to apply those tools.  The book is available in both hard copy and Kindle editions on Amazon's website.  Click here to take a peek inside of this book.


Review from Brett Merkey
Hats off to the author and the publishing team. GIMP 2.6 for Photographers is well-crafted and there is much to like here:

1) The book content sticks to its mission of introducing the software to photographers and serious image editing beginners. Necessary preparatory and background information has not been skipped. The tutorials are paced to move you quickly to comfortably handle the most common editing challenges.

2) The physical book itself is large-format, lying flat for self-study. It is crammed with color illustrations and screen images that complement tutorial text appropriately. This book is actually nice to look at!

3) The included DVD contains enough extras to make this book a complete package. You get the GIMP software in its multiple OS versions and all the sample images used in the tutorials. There is also a bunch of related software goodies on the disc that I have not yet had a chance to explore.

This book is my own intro to GIMP and I'm glad I got a nice one.

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