More Gimp Material

There are two other website I run that will help you with Gimp.

1.) Great Gimp Products

My Amazon store offers a few great Gimp products that will help you get better at using Gimp.  You could also try checking out my essential gimp products for absolute beginners.

2.) Gimped!  Gimp Tutorials

Gimped! is a collection of personally-made Gimp tutorials made by me.  I teach you good photo-editing habits, and have tutorials from absolute beginner to advanced.  Here are a few things you can learn how to make using Gimp from my site:

Click here for the Haunted House Tutorial

Click here for the Beautiful Sun Ray Tutorial

Click here for the Retro Image Tutorial

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I teach people how to use gimp with gimp video tutorials, as well as gimp text tutorials. I also work with Photographers by offering photo-editing services.