Sunday, March 25, 2012

Photo Study - Sunshine by Phatpuppycreations


Click on the photo to view it on Flickr.

This fun photo was assembled using a series of various stock images from one of my favorite resources for free stock images, DeviantArt. With the help of layer masks and layer modes, this photo was made. personally. I think I would have removed the blue hue from the neck of the giraffe, and simontaneously modified the color of the field to match what the sunset would create with an orange colored layer mode set to either overlay, color, or maybe even both. A really good example of this can be seen in my gimp tornado tutorial. In that tutorial, I modify the originally green hues of a field to a very yellow tone to better match the tone that the sky would create.

Click here for the gimp tutorial on how to make a dramatic tornado scene.

The sky on this photo looks really good, and even if the sun rays are real, they could have just as easily been made digitally much like I had done in this sun ray photo I made using gimp:


Click here for the gimp tutorial on how to make sun rays using gimp.

All-in-all, I thought that this photo was very fun and it was a pleasure to stumble on it. Please go check out more work by phatpuppycreations, there are a lot of very cool photos there.

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